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Maximize Value
Through Experimentation

Tozan is the experimentation platform for goal oriented organizations. Tozan is Always-On experimentation, and optimizes Key Performance Indicators in real time to reach the global maximum. Now companies can test and learn efficiently and waste free.

Experimentation & Optimization

We built Tozan to improve how organizations test and learn. Tozan uses AI to optimize experiments in real time, intelligently adjusting traffic allocations between versions. Versions with strong performance automatically grow while weaker performing versions disappear. Tozan uses AI algorithms to transform A|B testing into a continuous optimization process.

Explore and Exploit

We believe that organizations should not have to sacrifice value in order to try new things, and we constructed Tozan to deliver that capability. Tozan uses AI algorithms to balance the tradeoffs between trying new versions with unknown results and known versions with strong expected outcomes.

Simple Implementation

Tozan has made the new age of experimentation accessible to everyone with a simple REST API integration. Our clear documentation will be available here shortly.

Balancing Trade-offs with Tozan

Compete for dominance

Put UX design, marketing creative and messaging, pricing and operational processes, portfolio optimization strategies, machine learning algorithms, and more, into the arena. Tozan achieves  equilibrium between proven versions and those without  track records — in order to identify the best performer.

Version performance

Your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the essential ingredient on Tozan platform. Our AI algorithms explore new versions and exploit known winners in a perfect equilibrium to optimize your KPI.

Always-on approach

Tozan is Always-On, continuous experimentation. Tests don’t need to follow the inefficient start and stop cadence. With persistent dial tone, The Tozan platform plays a core function within your product evolution.

What happens when you run an experiment with Tozan?


You send a request to our API versions-assign endpoint, using our server SDK.


Our API responds by providing you a version ID and a publishable key.


Your server responds to your visitor‘s request and customises their experience.


Our client SDK sends events to our API when a visitor of yours had triggered the KPI you‘ve set.


For enterprise grade implementation and support, reach out to us directly at

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Our open API will be accessible shortly, accepting up to 5,000 requests monthly.

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